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Construction Contractors Council Agreement  in Washington DC Settled

I am happy to report that we have successfully negotiated a new Four-Year Agreement with the Construction Contractors Council, AGC Labor Division.

The new contract reflects the continued commitment of the Washington DC Contractors and the Metropolitan Regional Council to grow the union market share in the Washington, DC area.

The Four-Year Agreement (5/1/14 through 4/30/18) provides for a total Wage-Fringe Benefit Package increase of $4.30.

Details will be posted on this website next week.

                                                Edward Coryell, Sr.

                                                Executive Secretary-Treasurer/

                                                Business Manager

If you have any questions call your Business Agent or the Council office at 301-735-6660


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In the Washington D.C. area contact 301-735-6660.


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mrcyesFacts show that in construction market areas where a majority of the workers are unionized, workers enjoy higher wages and better benefits. That’s because contractors must negotiate with workers as a group. If a group controls the supply of its labor, workers are in a stronger position to establish their wages and benefits in that market area.

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